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The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, though there is good in both. Be avid for all that is of benefit; seek Allah's assistance; and don't deem yourself incapable.”

Strong believers help build strong institutions, in order to be able to seek and spread all that is of benefit—for themselves and for all humanity.

Facilitating access to Knowledge Without Barriers is becoming ever more crucial. Access to mainstream Islamic knowledge is diminishing: current conflicts in areas that have traditionally been the centres of such knowledge and scholarship is one such barrier. The spread of religious misinformation, online and in communities, is another. The need for open access to reliable, relevant, mainstream Islamic knowledge is critical.

At SeekersHub Global, we are acutely aware of this. This is why we embraced our Knowledge Without Barriers commitment making all our courses and educational services—online and on the ground—completely free.

Future Scholars: Through this, hundreds of dedicated seekers of knowledge—future scholars and teachers of the religion—who used to study overseas have been turning to our educational services as a means of continuing their studies. Some of these dedicated seekers are now young scholars, teaching through SeekersHub Global and in their local communities.

Students, Worldwide: Seekers from regions where Islamic knowledge is not easily accessible are also turning to us. With over 10,000 students taking our completely free online courses, from 130 countries—from all Ends of the Earth—SeekersHub Global is breaking barriers between Seekers and Guidance, by the grace of Allah.

Serving with Excellence: At SeekersHub Global, we are consistently developing systems to provide better and more thorough Islamic education. We are facilitating and building learning communities around the world — from New Zealand to Argentina, from the US, Canada, and UK, to Russia and Romania, from South Africa to Bangladesh.

Through this collective effort, powered by your generosity, we are building an institution of people enriched with reliable, relevant, mainstream Islamic knowledge that manifests the beauty, virtue, and balance of Prophetic Guidance.

SeekersHub Global is committed to building beyond buildings—by investing in people—scholars and seekers—and thereby empowering and enriching them with transformative beneficial knowledge and lasting positive action.

Help Us Build: To continue and to build towards long-term sustainability and impact, we continue to need your help. For the next three months, help us raise $500,000 for our entire annual operations.

Help us build an institution of excellence: excellence in education; empowering and enabling seekers of knowledge to become qualified teachers and capable servant-leaders; spreading reliable and relevant Islamic knowledge—and thereby fulfilling the Divine Trust and Prophetic Duty of spreading knowledge to seekers, everywhere, now and for generations to come. Help spread Knowledge Without Barriers: Click here to make a donation.

501c3 Tax Deductible and Zakat option available

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani and Imam Afroz Ali explain the importance of facilitating Sacred Knowledge globally and building learning communities locally, and why we all need to work and invest together to facilitate access to Knowledge Without Barriers.
Watch Sister Rizwana's SeekersStory and see how Knowledge without Barriers has helped her.
Watch Brother Suhayb explain how SeekersHub Global helped set him on a path to becoming a better husband, father, son, and friend.

Investment Statistics

We keep a transparent record of where your investment goes to help us build an institution of people, communities and education systems. Your investment is not just merely “paying for expenses”, but it is truly an investment for a sustainable organisation which is facilitating and democratising Knowledge Without Barriers. We are committed to build an institution of people of knowledge, communities of positive action and education systems that match best practices into the future.

Our prayers continue to be for your wellbeing in this world, increase in Blessings and an Abode in Paradise in the Hereafter.

The Power of Your Generosity

  • Financial Commitment to Teachers & Staff: 64%
  • Equipment & Internet Services: 5%
  • SeekersHub Tenancy & Operational costs: 19%
  • Teacher & Advanced Student Scholarship: 12%

Seekers are

  • North America: 45%

    USA, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Haiti and other nations

  • South America: 4%

    Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and other nations

  • Middle East: 4%

    UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and other nations

  • Africa: 6%

    South Africa, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Mali, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Eritria, Gambia, Zambia, Tanzania and other nations

  • Europe: 21%

    UK, Turkey, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Georgia, Cyprus, Romania, Italy, Albania and other nations

  • Asia: 12%

    Malaysia, Singapore, China, Nepal, North & South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, Maldives, India, Pakistan and other nations

  • Australia-Pacific: 8%

    Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Christmas Island and Western Samoa

Your Generosity is a Global Effort

  • North America: 61.74%
  • South America: 3.02%
  • Middle East: 11.24%
  • Africa: 12.06%
  • Europe: 2.58%
  • Asia: 0.20%
  • Australia-Pacific: 0.11%
  • Location not specified: 9.05%

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Understanding Knowledge Without Barriers

10,000 students from 96 countries have benefited already from Knowledge Without Barriers

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SeekersHub Global facilitates over 10,000 free student registrations globally through our reliable and relevant educational services.

By becoming a monthly donor you will empower thousands of students to access our free and high quality educational services on the web and on the ground — in Sydney and Toronto — with more locations to launch.

A commitment of $85/month ($1,000/annual) facilitates FREE access to relevant and reliable knowledge by funding 20 student registrations.

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